With Thanksgiving just around the corner; let me ask a simple question. Could the attitude of  gratitude or the posture of giving thanks actually be good for business? Can it help grow your business? sokaworld

The short answer is absolutely. But it’s not a shallow thing, like you just go through the motions and words of saying thanks. It has to be something of substance.

Like the man who goes to the world heavy weight boxing match and is seated in the front row next to a priest. The challenger comes into the ring and there is the usual boo’s, cheers and general commotion. Next the champ makes his appearance and again boo’s, cheers and the decibel level hits the roof. The champ also climbs into the ring. As the fight is about to begin the challenger goes to his corner, kinmagazine removes his robe and makes the sign of the cross. The man in the front row turns to the priest and says “father do you think that helps?” and the priest replies “not if he can’t fight!”

Make A List

So gratitude has to be more than lip service. What is it you are truly thankful for in your life? Make a list. Even in our darkest hour there are still things we can be truly thankful for. Keep that list somewhere where you can see it every day. Add to it. businesschamp

Does this really work? Will having a true attitude of gratitude really prosper you, and bring abundance into your life?

It does and it will and there is a sound reason for this. Just as sure as you jump off a tall building you are going to experience the law of gravity or continually spend more than you make you’ll experience the laws of economics. If you cultivate thankfulness in your mind and heart the laws of spirit and mind will be engaged and you will experience a positive effect on your business and in your life. businesssalt

Gratitude is what draws us nearer to the source of our being. I call this God, you may use a different name. But this source is limitless in its power and abundance. There is no scarcity or lack in God. And this source has the desire to give you your heart’s desire within the physical and moral law s of the universe. Thankfulness is the glue that binds us to God so he can open the floodgates of prosperity to us. For more info please visit these sites:- https://mibabyshower.org/

Having a scarcity mind set and a lack of gratitude is a sure fire way of keeping your business at low level where abundance rarely exists.

It works like this: the more grateful we are when good things come to us, the closer we draw to the source of our being, and the more that limitless source opens to us and more good things come to us.

Test It For Yourself

As you sit around the table this Thanksgiving, weather at home or a barracks or a church hall, or a barn, and you look into the eyes of those around you be thankful for something, anything. Start there then practice this every day. Add to the list let it grow and watch what happens in your life. When something good happens however minor be even more grateful. Get the energy and mind set of abundance flowing. They may not teach this at Harvard Business School but if you cultivate the attitude of gratitude when you climb into the ring of life you’ll know how to fight for real.