The way we job search and interact with each other to find opportunities using online or offline methods is changing; there are many roadblocks to finding success. In the job search persistence is worth its weight in gold. You may have already done a number of job searches online and that’s a good start. Apply directly on the company’s website and an executive recruiter can get back to you directly via e-mail or phone. Maybe you’ve already applied to dozens of online sites and haven’t received any responses or you’ve received many offers to interview but haven’t landed the job. You will deal with a lot of rejection on a daily basis but keep your chin up. If you were about to throw in the towel don’t just yet wait until you’ve tried some of the following tips to revamping your job search. drivingschoolintoronto

1. Recruiters

Recruiters are an invaluable resource for just about any job seeker and especially if you are a highly skilled worker with skills that are company specific. Recruiters have active job openings that must be filled in a certain time frame. These active job openings are many times not advertised publicly so you will have a better chance of showcasing your talents above the noise of a thousand applications. Contact recruiters periodically to keep abreast of current job openings in your field. Many recruiters work primarily and only in certain fields such as Information Technology or Chemical Engineering. While others may work on many openings as is the case with staffing firms that have general openings in all fields such as sales and management. Recruiters know other recruiters so don’t be shy about asking about job openings in your field of work.

2. Internships

Have you ever watched “The Apprentice”? Like an apprentice the intern may be paid or unpaid. Offering to perform a free Internship will provide you with the skills you need to beat the competition. And who knows if you are able to ‘wow’ the employer you may have a job offer on the table when the internship has been completed.

3. Career Services

Recent graduates and prospective graduates alike have the opportunity to build relationships and job proposals through free on-campus job fairs offered by their college or university. Remember companies pay to be there and are looking for you so put your best foot forward and make some contacts. Placement with certain companies that are a part of the alumni of your college can be something to look into and make a part of your job search portfolio. Paid services such as hiring a career coach may be an option if you can afford one and need help refining your interview and presentation etiquette as well as your resume. temp-mail

4. Peer Referrals

The best way if any to get the job is through a peer referral. Your family and friends is the number one tool in your arsenal to finding a career besides your level of experience and schooling. They have already built trust and have experience or seniority within the company they are currently working for. Their referral gives you a leg up. I’ve tried it using a referral from one of my family members and got the job on the spot. The advantage with peer referrals is that the people in your network your family and friends know of job openings in the company they work for before anyone else knows about it; before it is advertised or given to a recruiter to source candidates.

5. Social networking

Social media is still going strong and with the advent of the ‘apply via’ LinkedIn or Facebook buttons separate your social profile from your professional social profile to give recruiters and employers a positive and expert view of you. If using twitter subscribe to professional recruiters timelines and send them a personal message of your interest in available positions. Social networks also have job openings posted on their site such as Branch Out on Facebook which lets you pinpoint companies by how much associates you know within the company. You can also search LinkedIn. Niche sites such as Mashable posts job openings that are specific to social media and marketing.

6. Reinvent Your Resume

Resumes are taking on a life of their own presently to foster more attention from employers. First know what is important to the company you are applying to. Whether it is cultural awareness, productivity or social interactivity, incorporate it into your resume format. The video resume takes away the paper wall between you and your interviewer. Make your presence felt. The social resume incorporates not just experience and reference numbers but quotations on your productivity from former employers. Tailor your resume to be industry specific and provide live samples of your work.

7. Polish Your Interview Skills

You really do have to practice interviewing. It will take time and perseverance to master this skill. Practice with a friend or career coach. Career coaches come in handy in this respect. Get more practice by setting and attending more interviews.

8. Improve your marketability

Stay current in your job search. Further your education and become certified in other areas that compliment your current job role. Transitioning to growing industries will also require additional learning and certification.

9. Join a professional association

Professional associations provide informational newsletters and seminars that help stay aware of trends in your industry.

10. Start a business based on a hobby or professional experience

If you are going through months or a yearlong period without employment try doing consulting work based on your experience. It is a good place to start your own business. It is also a great way to add to your resume showing initiative and independence.

11. Use the Buddy System

If you know a friend or someone who is also unemployed you can spend time searching for open job opportunities together. Support each other in the job search and share similar experiences of success or failure. You don’t have to do it alone if you don’t have to.

12. Community Service / Volunteer Work

Volunteer work will benefit you personally and exemplify you as a well-rounded candidate competent on social and professional levels. Building a relationship with managers and employers through volunteer work that correlates to your job search can move you one step further to obtaining a job opportunity.

13. Learn a new language

Learning a new language can take your career to another level. Due to the changing social culture and business culture you will find that companies are becoming more and more diversified.

14. Career Planning

Taking a temp job to weather the storm is beneficial in the short term and in the long term if it leads to . While the short term if very important set future goals for employment. Never stop networking whether you are working a series of temp jobs in your field of work or have had stable employment. New and better opportunities may arise or you may be forced to start over so keep your options open.

15. Relaxation

Spend time away from the computer screen with your friends or family. Go for a walk or spend time in nature. Keep from becoming overwhelmed under a cloud of rejection and isolation. Encourage yourself and be patient.