If you operate a business blog you probably already understand that for your blog to be effective, you need to add fresh content to it regularly. If you’re not a writer by nature, thinking about what to write can be a challenge and writing it is likely to be time consuming and frustrating. For those who want the results but don’t want to do the writing, a content writing service can be the answer. Outsourcing does cost money, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. From low budget to high budget options here are three ways you can use content writing services to build the content on your business blog. digimarkkinointi

Outsource all the Writing

If you have the budget for it the simplest way is to outsource all the writing activity to content writers or specialized blog writers. You can order a set number of posts per week or per month and in general, the more you order, the less you will pay per post. If you have a single site, then even adding ten relevant and well written posts to your blog each month can help bring potential customers to your website.

When choosing a content writing service, the cheapest isn’t likely to be the best and it’s better to pay more for quality content than to pay a pittance and receive content you wouldn’t want to publish on your site.

Outsource Some to a Writing Service

If you’re a site owner with a limited budget you can limit the amount you spend on content writing by preparing some of the articles for you blog yourself and ordering just a couple of articles a month from a content writing service. Consider ordering two longer, high quality posts from the service, and writing a few shorter posts yourself. Make use of other sources of content to fill your blog. Consider obtaining content occasionally from article directories and inviting site owners to submit relevant guest posts in exchange for a link to their website. gardenfrontier

Get Better Value from Purchased Content

Make your dollars go further by making the most of any content you do purchase. When you purchase blog content from content writing services you are usually purchasing full copyright. That means the articles are yours to use in any way you choose. Longer articles can be broken up and turned into two or three smaller posts. If you have more than one blog to add content to, the original articles you purchased can be rewritten or reworded and used elsewhere. If you rewrite the concept completely you’ll have an entirely fresh and unique article.

Use the purchased articles to generate more ideas for your own posts. A five hundred word article is likely to touch on several relevant points. Has the writer raised any points that you could elaborate on in a new post?

If you are adept at writing but find idea generation the most difficult part, you could try purchasing articles from a cheap overseas content writing service and rewriting them in your own words. The only problem with this is that rewriting a poorly written article often takes longer than writing an article from scratch! bitpapa

Some site owners have the luxury of being able to outsource all of their writing requirements but for newly established businesses, it’s often not possible to do this. Regardless of your budget, adding content to your business blog can help you grow your business so it’s worth finding a way to achieve this. A content writing service may be part of your solution.