Last October I had the pleasure of joining my Marketing Coach, Veronika (Ronnie) Noize, and the other members of my SoHo Marketing MasterMind group for a day of inspiration in Vancouver, WA. I wasn’t sure what to expect but left not only inspired, but with some incredible ideas to take my business to another level. It was at that meeting that Ronnie challenged ME to create my Big Goals No Guilt 30 Day Challenge. I’d like to share with you the top 5 reasons I believe attending live events is essential for your personal and professional growth:

1 – Get more personal: Live events provide the opportunity to meet your mentor personally and really get to know them. Successful people think and act differently. Spending a day or more with a mentor provides great insight into how they do it so you can see how to do it too!

2 – Deep Submersion: Having uninterrupted time allows you to really submerse yourself in the subject matter with no distractions. An entire day focused on just marketing and inspiration created more depth of understanding on these subjects for me. I also had time during the meal breaks to begin thinking about my project and brainstorm with some of the other members to begin applying the information to my business right away.

3 – Learn about things you didn’t know you needed to know: Often at live events other fantastic speakers are invited to share the stage. That was the case at another live event I attended last year. Mari Smith was a special guest speaker during one of the evening sessions. I’ll be honest; Mentoring I had NO IDEA who Mari was prior to the moment she took the stage. Turns out, she’s been dubbed “the Pied-Piper of Facebook” by FastCompany. After her talk, I better understood how social media could benefit my business and jumped in!

4 – Meet other likeminded people: Chances are if you are going to hear a particular speaker, you’ll meet others with whom you have some things in common. During the October event everyone was focused on helping each other and collaboration. Not only did I get help on my business but I was able to share ideas with the other members and learn more about what THEY do. It resulted in my hiring one MasterMind friend to help me with my website, another to kick start my social media marketing plan, and strategic alliance with another.

5 – Gain valuable strategic time: As a solopreneur, it’s so easy to get swept into the day-to-day tasks working IN my business that I consciously have to carve out time to be more strategic to work ON it! Being away from the office and the usual distractions allows for greater focus and time for strategic thinking.

BONUS – Have some fun! If you’ve gotten to know me even a little bit, you’ve learned that I like to have fun! Life’s too short not to!! If your event is in a different city, it’s fun to explore and see some new sights. I ended up staying with one of my MasterMind friends, Connie, and getting to see a bit of Portland, OR too!