Many students wonder why learn French, especially those who do not do very well at it, but in today’s World where we travel more than ever and in which communications know no frontiers, there are many advantages in being able to speak a language other than our own. The French language is not just a subject we are made to learn at school for the sake of learning. So why learn French? There are many reasons apart from the obvious one of having to travel to a French-speaking country for pleasure or business, and one of the main reasons why anyone would want to learn French is when applying for a job.

Some jobs require applicants to be fluent in French. Anyone planning a career in the tourism industry should know why learn French; whether you are applying for a position of hotel manager, flight attendant, restaurant waiter or animator in a holiday resort, being able to communicate easily with French customers is essential.

The most obvious job that requires fluent French is being a French teacher but if you would like to live abroad, why not teach English as a foreign language in a French-speaking country? There is also a high demand for people who are able to teach French to young children outside of the usual school environment.

If you are looking for a translator or interpreter’s job, 먹튀검증업체 the more languages spoken the better. Translators work with written text and often need a good knowledge of technical, legal or medical jargon, depending on the nature of the documents that need translating, while interpreters must be able to translate speech as they listen to it, which can be quite demanding and requires an excellent level of French.

Proofreaders may also be required to have a good knowledge of the French language, as some documents may need translating or correcting in French as part of their job description. The publishing industry uses proofreaders in order to check facts, correct inaccuracies as well as checking spelling and grammar; a proofreader who can speak French would be the ideal candidate to check the French edition of a book or magazine before it goes to final editing and printing.

If you are wondering why learn French for working in a multinational corporation, being able to speak French may get you that promotion when the company you work for decides to open a branch in a French-speaking country and there is a need for someone from the mother company who is able to communicate with the employees of that French branch, as well as any French suppliers and clients.

The French language may have little in common with accountancy but even some employees of financial departments may need to speak French, particularly when the company supplies French clients and the time has come for making that French phone call in order to collect a debt.

Hardware and software companies that have customers all around the World do not necessarily have technical support employees in each and every country in which they operate. You could use your French when applying for a job in a call centre in which you would help French speakers over the phone or by email.

Any company that operates worldwide needs to have a good customer support department. Even if a company does not have any business overseas for now, there could be a good reason why learn French in the event that the company has plans to expand later on and you are able to deal with French customers over the phone.

If you are in the job market and wonder why learn French even if you are not planning on ever leaving your country, think of the many advantages of learning French. With the advances in technology that make the world virtually free of borders, being able to speak an extra language is essential. Being a fluent French speaker is a qualification that is easy to achieve and makes job opportunities more accessible.