The Gates Foundation grants are named after Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. It is considered to be the largest private foundation in the entire world. The very reputed lineage of the Gates family runs this foundation. The Gates Foundation grant performs with certain goals. It aims at fulfilling the needs of the impoverished and wishes to reduce the poverty. villanyt-szere

It also tries to improve the scope of education in America. The Gates Foundation grants were founded in the year of 1994 and have got its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. This foundation is a charitable organization and has helped various people in need. In order to sustain itself as a charitable organization it has to keep on donating 5% of its assets each and every year. otthonszuletik

The Gates foundation grants have three grant-making programs. The names of these programs are the Global health program, Global development program and the United States program. The Global Health program has other significant grants programs under it. Some of them are the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, Children’s Vaccine Program, University of Washington Department of Global Health, HIV research, areas global TB vaccine foundation and visceral leishmaniasis research. izomautok

The global development program is driven by President Sylvia Mathews and it gives primary importance to the poor and destitute. It has several grants programs such as the financial access initiative, pro mujer and grameen foundation. All these programs fall under that of the financial services for the poor. kutyulva

Under the agricultural development programs comes the rice research and alliance for a green revolution in Africa or AGRA. Then there is also something called the Global Special Initiatives. Under this program there are other sub programs like that for the Indian Ocean earthquake, Kashmiri earthquake and water and hygiene sanitation. pollenindex

The Gates foundation grants also has another program, as mentioned above, which is the United States Program and under this program comes other grants opportunities for US libraries, Blogline education, D.C. Achievers scholarships, The Texas High School project and various other such programs. The Gates Foundation grants have also won several awards like that of the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation in the year of 2006. princefoundation