The six keys to good sex in my opinion are dominance, emotion, variety, immersion, teasing and anticipation.

Anticipation is often overlooked.

Imagine the scenario. You’ve been looking forward to having sex with your girlfriend all day. You have a couple of things you want to try out on her. You’ve been dreaming about it at work because you we’re bored and you’re ready for it as soon as you get home. dirty text to send your girlfriend

However she has had a stressful day at work. Her boss has been on her back. She hasn’t thought about sex at all. And when you initiate it, it comes out of the blue. She’s not really┬áin the mood.

So how do you change her mood and build anticipation in her for sex?

– Talking about sex with her
– Getting her to fantasize about sex with you and sex in general

One of the best ways to do this is by sending her dirty text messages. Send her one at work telling her you’re imagining her naked. Her excitement will be enhanced because she’s getting turned on in a place she’s not supposed to get turned on in.

Try ringing her as well. Tell her what you are going to do to her and how. Tell her how much you crave her body and long to see her naked. Tell her how you’re looking forward to it so much.