Some people say if you cannot beat them join them, ideasandmind but I tell you if you cannot beat them physically, use your ideas to change them, because ideas rule the world.

Our productivities are what determine our level of influence on earth; and the minimum requirement for achievement is just an idea.

You can move from failure to success and from lack to abundance by receiving ideas and by turning those ideas into reality.

To speak or write in wrong terms means to think in wrong terms.

For a thought to be right there must be correct choice of words, care and right pattern of mind.

If you are thinking negative thoughts about what just happened, you are not going to be able to concentrate on what needs to happen next. Dr. Ben Carson

Listening is an act different from hearing; the former is active, ideashackers demands attention and an acquired discipline while the latter is passive, involuntary and natural.

Everyone without a hearing defect may be able to hear sound but may not be good at listening. Good listener concentrates on every beat of sound that proceeds forth.

The best listener is the one who puts himself in the shoes of others.

For theoretical statement to be correct it must fit the practical situation.

For you to be a good listener you have to be open-minded and non-judgmental, believing in the person, yet at the same time questioning the person.

Dare to find pleasure in anything, chose to always listen and speak sparingly, because in the company of many words sin may not be lacking.

All are born equal, but some choose to become poor, because they lack ideas which are the seeds that guarantee a future harvest.

Ideas are more powerful and greater than the brains that produce them.

When a man is hungry, give him food, but the soul does not need physical food, it handles imperishable things, which are ideas.

The quality of ideas that flows from your mind, determines the quality of the life in you.

Show me a man that is affected by financial melts down and I will show you a man that lacks ideas.

Every technological breakthrough is built on the foundation of ideas.

When an idea is void of belief, it becomes idle and of less importance.

Those without ideas will always serve those with ideas.

What you are, and will become was first created by your mind.

Ideas are neither masculine nor feminine but individual thoughts. Hence, men’s thoughts may be different or may vary from women’s thinking.