Ten Tips For Online Shopping Safety

Online shopping is a fun and easy way to shop, shorpnews and get access to a wide variety of products and services. It is also a convenient way to compare prices of different stores to get the best deals with no legwork involved.

It is therefore not surprising that shopping online has gained phenomenal popularity in recent years due to its convenience, variety and cost. Online stores also often provide the best deals as they may not have the phenomenal overheads that a physical store in a shop or shopping mall might have. timesuport Online shopping has also been a great service to people living in less populated areas as they now have access to a greater variety of goods and services that they might never otherwise have.

However, with online shopping so widespread and popular these days, people quite often let their guard down, and ignore safe online shopping practices. This is especially so in peak shopping periods such as Christmas and other holidays, silberschmuckladen which are opportune times for cyber criminals to strike.

So, how can online shoppers shop safely to avoid an online shopping mishap?

Here are 10 tips for safe online shopping.

1. Buy from online shopping websites that offer secure transactions.

One way is to look out for websites with a graphic of a padlock at the bottom of the screen, which denotes a ‘secured gateway’.

2. Beware phishing scams

Avoid sending sensitive data like your credit-card number via e-mail messages. Do also ensure that your security software and firewalls are updated regularly.

3. Change your PIN or password regularly for high-risk Internet activities

Changing your password regularly provides a safeguard in case someone discovers your password. This is especially important if you use shared computers. uncutpost Avoid letting anyone having access to your account, especially if you have e-mail messages containing passwords that you have just reset.

4. Check that your credit card offers you adequate protection.

Credit cards usually offer buyer protection against fraud, lost shipments, broken merchandise and other problems. However, if you are unsure if your credit card offers all these protections, please contact your credit card provider to check.

5. Ensure you know what you are buying.

Do ask questions if in doubt. Good online stores do usually provide a reasonable description of the item. However, if you have any questions regarding any aspect of the item, please contact the merchant to ask before purchase. Good merchants will respond to you in a timely manner. cbdcannabis360 If they do not respond, it is advisable not to make the purchase as it shows a lack of service and response should you have a problem. It is also usually less hassle not to purchase something you have doubts about in the first place than trying to return an item.

6. Find out all shipping information, including costs, methods offered and delivery times are before you commit to a purchase.

Always calculate the full cost of the item, INCLUDING shipping before you commit to purchase. Many reputable sites will have the shipping costs in a section of their website. However, some unscrupulous online merchants may advertise an item very cheaply, but recover their costs through exorbitant shipping charges.

Delivery times can differ from store to store. Despatch timelines depend on the store’s internal processing and warehousing. Do check how long it will take for the goods to be delivered from the time you place the order. This will help you to avoid disappointment and curb panic should the goods not arrive as per your expectations.

Delivery times can also be affected by the shipping method the store uses, or the method you pay for (should the store offer different methods – see below). Find out the cost and delivery times of each shipping method offered. If this information is not on the site, do contact the merchant to ask. In general, the cheaper a shipping method is, the less secure it is and longer it takes. Also, clearly understand whose responsibility it is to insure the goods in transit. This will help avoid a misunderstanding should the goods be lost or damaged in transit.

7. Record all contact with the merchant.

This means saving all correspondence with the merchant and making a diary note of phone calls, including the date, time and who you spoke to.  Record any significant exchanges between you and the merchant.

8. Ensure that the delivery address you provide is valid.

It is useful to read through the details of your order before you confirm your order. Make sure that the delivery address you provide is accurate, including spelling and postcode. Deliveries can and have been delayed or lost because of inaccurate delivery address details.

9. Check your credit card transactions

If you have paid for your online purchase with your credit card, do check your credit card transactions to ensure you have been charged for the goods at the correct price.

10. Save and print the emailed or published invoice that the merchant sends with your order.

This is extremely important as it verifies your order.

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