Digital Marketing Set to Continue Dominance

Digital Marketing Set to Continue Dominance

There are several reasons why digital marketing is now a major channel for businesses. Digital media can reach target audiences on a much wider scale at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional forms of media. The internet has no country border and is a platform where campaigns can reach almost anyone, fridagsblog anywhere, at any time.

Whilst traditional forms of advertising will continue to exist and many brands and businesses will still use them as part of their overall campaign, digital media is now very much taking a large slice of any marketing budget. TV campaigns are great for brand awareness, inspirasjonsguide and it is common for many slots to be used up by websites aiming to expand their brand profile by buying airtime.

Digital marketing opportunities are increasing

Figures show that in the last year, the demand for online search marketing freelancers has dramatically increased. The UK and Europe are hiring the most digital marketers illustrating that demand is growing. In the last 12 months, the spending on digital marketing has also increased in these areas. According to eConsultancy, livsstilsnyheter in the UK in the past year spending on digital marketing increased by a staggering 279%; 255% in Germany, and 127% in Switzerland. Austria also experienced dramatic growth with a spending increase of 270%.

There are many reasons why digital marketing has infiltrated even the oldest institutions around the globe.

Longevity of Campaigns

Another contributing factor to suggest why Internet marketing is overtaking traditional advertising is the longevity of a campaign. Traditional advertising campaigns might run for a significantly shorter time in comparison to a web-based campaign. Whilst target audiences might not be able to listen again and again and again to a particular radio campaign or TV advert without turning off, norge365 it is not always the same with online adverts as they are less intrusive, but still, deliver brand awareness. The cost of producing some banner advertising or researching a keyword campaign for PPC is considerably less than producing a TV advert too of course.

Easier to Measure

One of the real benefits of digital over traditional media advertising is the fact that it is easier to measure compared to traditional media. There is a wide range of tools and programs, which can help marketers to measure the impact of their digital campaigns. Through reports, analysis, and other online tools, brands and companies can see the direct impact of their marketing campaign and the volume of responses they have had as a result. This might be significantly harder to track with traditional forms of advertising. These reports further help marketers to identify their specific customer base and target them more effectively.

As more and more businesses recognize the importance of online marketing, they are more likely to push their efforts in that direction. Digital marketing is fast becoming the primary source of advertising activity for brands and businesses both big and small. The UK in particular has concentrated on the growth of digital marketing with an increase of 215% from April last year compared to the global average of 124%. norgenyheter


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