Collectible Pocket Knives And the Fun in Obtaining Them

They have been around for many, many years, and pocket knife collecting has been a hobby of millions of people for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

For some people, shieldon knives most of their the joy and excitement is simply in the “chase” or “pursuit” of a particular pocket knife, or full set of pocket knives. Yet for others, the excitement is in owning them, and displaying them for others to also enjoy. Pocket knife swapping / exchanging has also grown over the years, as people search out viable avenues to exchange their straight knives, and /or folding knives with other collectors of the same.

The pocket knife industry has shown tremendous growth in recent years, and that growth continues today. Prices of these types of knives vary, according to the what the knife is constructed of, and from where it originates from. Occasionally, some of the newer models also come with manufacturer’s warranties, and some of those manufacturer’s warranties are actually Limited Lifetime warranties!

This “covers” the Owner for certain trypes of defects in the unit’s workmanship.

There are literally millions of versions from which to choose. Some have surgical stainless steel blades, while others sport other types of high impact metals. The handles on pocket knives can vary greatly as well. There are the folding and straight knives that offer handles with genuine wooden inlays, animal bone components, laminates, more info please visit:- plastic. Some are simply 100% metal.

Then there are also the collectible pocket knives that offer matching key-chains with a fantastic Bald Eagle on them, or a simulated or real jewel fashioned into the handle itself. Personally, I find these to be amongst some of the most attractive ones on the market today.


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