Telemarketing Services – Generating Business by Overcoming Restrictive Legislations

The general public has voiced support for the restrictive legislation’s and this puts a lot of pressure on telemarketing companies. Value has to be added by telemarketing organizations to their business to prove their worth.

Conforming To Regulations in Telemarketing – A Challenge

Changes are made frequently to telemarketing regulations, due to which conforming to challenges becomes complicated further. Development of new laws and revamping of new laws takes place thus leading to jurisdictions that overlap each other. Legislative environment can be kept current only if telemarketing companies understand the implications of the new legislation’s. A telemarketing company could get penalized due to certain regulations and rules.

  • Restrictions on content

Telemarketing services are regulated by laws for marketing. Different checks are conducted on the company by restrictive laws.

  • Curfews

Customers cannot be called up by the telemarketers at any hour and hence a specific time range is provided to them to make calls.

  • License

To operate in a particular state, the telemarketers need to obtain a license in some states. This results in increased paperwork and more fee payout in addition for them.

  • Do-Not-Call list

Telemarketers cannot call more info please visit:- customers who are registered on the Do-Not-Call lists at state and national levels. Before making telephone calls, they have to conduct a check on this first. Only if there are certain exceptions, calls can be made.

  • Call Screening

To get calls diverted or received from the telemarketers, customers can make use of call screening. Hence, the door leading to customers gets closed for the telemarketers.

Merging Sales and Compliance for Effective Marketing

There may be a lot of restriction on telemarketing companies, but it is possible for them to be a part of a marketing mix in business. Some strategies have to be followed by the companies to maintain best efforts in marketing.

  • Adopting other strategies in marketing

Other marketing strategies like newsletters, direct mails, emails, other marketing materials, etc can be adopted to introduce clients to telephone numbers of the telemarketing companies and get consent for the calls made.

  • Optimize relationships with existing clients

As per telemarketing laws, telemarketers can call up clients with whom they already have a relationship in business. Calls can be made even if the client is Do-Not-Call list registered. Chances of increasing profits and client base expansion are possible by selling low cost products by following this cross-selling process.

  • Get professional

Many unprofessional telemarketing companies practice cold calling, which is an indiscriminate approach. Hence there are certain regulations imposed on telemarketing companies. High standards are best met by quality telemarketing companies only, as they respect customer’s time and their willingness to attend calls.

  • Obtaining customer’s consent

Telemarketing companies can try getting permission from customers to make the telephone calls through special offers, affinity programs and other contests.

Even if restrictive telemarketing regulations do exist, they help raising the bar for telemarketing companies. Companies that are unethical can thus be weeded out, and only those offering a distinguished telemarketing service can be made available for enhancing sales and profits of various businesses.

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