Home Foreclosure Plan – Do I Play Defense Or Offense?

It is no secret that the economy of the United States and the World is in serious trouble and every homeowner should have a home foreclosure plan.  Even if you are not currently in trouble, tomorrow your job or business could be in jeopardy due to the economy. It is never to early to think of a  plan to protect your hard earned investment which will give you the freedom from the stress level that millions of Americans are feeling at this exact moment because they do not have a home foreclosure plan.  As March Madness is upon is let’s examine the  plan dilemma in sports terminology.  Is it better for me to play defense or offense?  

1.    Play Defense:  If you have a solid job or business and do not see any trouble on the horizon you may not need an aggressive home foreclosure plan so we will call this the defensive approach.  In many areas of the country such as California, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida this is probably not the best choice because it is more than likely that your current loan is more than your house is worth and you need a solid plan. The famous quote in the sports world that “defense wins championships” does not necessarily apply in the game of home foreclosures.  http://www.ropaindustrial.net/ https://ideashackers.com/ https://www.pfmyoga.com https://www.spanisch-claro.ch/

Let’s examine why playing a strong game of offense for this plan is a very powerful tool.  The old sports adage that offense wins games but defense wins championships does not apply to the game of home foreclosure plans.

2.    Play Offense:  This  option designed to take the game directly to the Brokers, Lenders, and Wall Street who put you in a loan that was designed to fail.  You do not have to be currently delinquent on your loan to take this approach.  If you signed loan documents and did not provide your Broker any proof of income you should pay careful attention to this  plan.     

The remedies available under this  plan are very powerful for the wronged homeowner. After a thorough audit of your loan documents we will determine the extent of the fraud involved and make a decision about whether this is a viable  plan for you and your family.  

    It is ultimately up to you to decide which style of game you wish to play with a home foreclosure plan.  If decide to take the offensive approach there are those that  help you every step of the way and will discuss all home foreclosure plan options available to you.

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