Military Wives, Get Your Florida License Without Real Estate School

Military moves are part of the job. Anything that makes it easier is always welcome. The Florida Real Estate Commission has recently changed some rules. Today, if a military person is transferred to Florida and his spouse has a real estate license from another state, that spouse can apply to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for a Florida license. That license will be issued immediately before that spouse attends school in Florida. The idea here is to not interrupt the spouse’s career anymore than necessary. That license will expire in six months. It can not be renewed. This gives the military spouse six months to attend the sixty hour course and pass the Florida real estate exam that is required to get a Florida license.

There are nine states that have mutual recognition of education with Florida. Anyone with a license from one of those nine states would not need to attend real estate school. Those states are Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Connecticut, Indiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

For more information, check the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s website.

Many Realtors that move to Florida choose to attend real estate broker school instead of sales associate class. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires two years of active experience working for a broker. That experience does not have to be in Florida. If someone has been selling houses or land in any other state, they would be eligible to become a Florida broker instead of a sales associate.

The most difficult part of a real estate career is getting started. If someone has already done the hard part ( started ), continuing in the same career path makes sense to me. The skills a person has learned will work just as well in Florida as they did in your old location. Sometimes those skills work even better.

Selling houses is such a wonderful way to earn a living. Once you get past learning the basics, it becomes pretty pleasant. That is why so many people make a career of selling houses. Some people get rich at it and some people make a nice living. Many people retire in Florida after their military career is over. A second career selling houses makes sense if their spouse is already cruising along with her real estate career. Selling houses is easier with Veteran’s Administration no money down loans. If you are new in town, call your local Realtor for details.

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