Is My Woman Body Pious – Mesmerized Glittering Life – Part 5

In the first week of February 2007, when I read that Anna Nichole Smith porno actresses of United State has left for heavenly abode, I was a bit surprised to read about her life’s journey. How she, from a normal way of life rose to celebrity status with sexual encounters of mesmerized Western societies? If this is the perception of West in giving status to woman, then God save such people from his wrath. The fame with which she rose has ultimately buried her at young age but a bit dejected. What tribute our Western media had attributed to her as a woman is of inconsequences but how cunningly the media predators have exploited her porno life even after her death is shameful? The lives of various women celebrity in the west are revolving around the fascinating life styles of people not as a woman role model of traditional civilized society, but those people who are considering women an object of pleasure and entertainment. These women are running around such men dominated malicious world of body assets.

A new trend of frequently changing women by men, and men by women like cloths is leading our new generation towards animal behavior of poly-monoly. What I mean with new term poly-monoly is that such men and women want to get together only for sexual pleasure individually. Despite of such people’s having sexual experiences with many other people; they still want to retain their individual identity. Such behavior is more dominant in Western celebrities. Of late a large number of both men and women celebrities have been seen getting engaged and disengaged for marriages till they reach at the zenith of their sexual pleasures.

The moment, any celebrity starts feeling neglected or ignored, he/she begins to search for another well to do partner to fulfill their lust. Such people takes fraction of second in dumping their partners because calling such people couple, husband and wife, in true sense would tantamount to insulting the blessed and sacred institution of marriage of all religions. Polygamy is allowed in all religion but poly-monoly is an insult to institution of marriage. How, a few women are using the sacred and pious woman body to satisfy their lustful sexual urges out side the social customs and traditions needs to be reviewed? Why I am emphasizing my woman’s body pious because she not only helps creator in maintaining unending cycle of universe but also gives birth to God’s men who follow the true path of life.

Some of the readers in the name of woman liberties, freedom and rights would like to argue that what such women are doing has nothing unethical or uncivilized. They would further advocate if men can indulge in sexual acts with many women, divorce a woman at will, and dump a woman on minor pretext; than what prevents a woman in doing so? Yes I totally agree with such people but I would once again like to bring out that such actions by men are, by and large, not recognized by most of the societies. Our social pundits, most of the times, throw out such men from social circles. As and when a sacred marriage institution is threatened the entire society standby such victimized women, provided they have followed only one chain of family linkages and relationship. If a woman dumps numerous men for lust or sexual urge, she stands nowhere. She actually looses the true place of a woman and generally termed as concubine, prostitutes or what not. The Western liberal views on frequently changing partners are infact a reflection of animal behavior.

Actual sufferers from such relationships are poor children who continue to move with either father or mother from one house to another till they grow up to be independent. Sometimes, such children are forced to address over four to five men or women their father or mother. I have come across about such a child whose mother had married third time due to bad stroke of luck but her son from first husband has began to hate the word Father. He was infact growing with the volcanic hatred towards his mother. He was ready to die due to hunger than addressing the third man his father. Though his mother gave numerous excuses as to why she had to marry but he did not find any reason for his mother to marry third time after the accidental death of her second husband. If at all she wanted to marry, she could have arranged to leave children with her first husband’s family linkage.

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