The Mother Land Africa

There has been a lot going on in Africa lately and not too much have been good. Killings and the raping of the black woman it all seems so insane. But yet little has been done as far as support for the mother land. And to me the big question is why? As we look at this world today we see so many countries in turmoil and most of them because of internal civil war but some are having a little help from out side sources. And it all boils down to resources one faction wants to control it and not share in the wealth. Just like in Africa, a place rich in resources as well as beauty and wonder.

The mother land of life an all its wonder as we know of it. The epic center of all wonders a fantasy as well as true joy of the heart. But why is there so little help for Africa. Well manly because just that it is Africa. As history has showed us any time there is a problem over in Africa it must be dealt with by us! We must step up and give support to our home of origin. To make the world take notice of what is going on and then finally, maybe the world will step in and say hey we can’t stand by and watch this happen we must do something!

And then that something starts out to look like a very good thing.

You hear about it on the local news stations for a while maybe a week and then it dies. And just like the news stories the effort dies and you hear nothing else. But only the independent news stations show you what really is happening there! Because when the next tragedy happens over there and the independent stations have been telling us about it for weeks. Finally the local

News will show or are allowed to show something about it that again last for maybe a week and then you hear nothing about it again.

And if you want to know the real truth, check out your independent news stations for all real news. Now if what is happening over in Africa was going on any where else in the world it would be treated as a world disaster and you would here about it everyday and see all the countries of the world getting together to do something about it. But because it is Africa the same old routine is being put into place and will not change until we make it change! This change must come from the United States of America. Because we are the standard of this big ball or wax. When we get involved the other countries take notice and say well we can not just let them take all the glory!

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