Exciting News That Will Help to Determine the Leading Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Have you ever wondered what the causes of hair loss in women are? Well, if not, maybe you should.

There are several reasons for this loss of hair and in case this happens to you, the reasons why are going to be very important. Hair loss for women can be devastating.

The underlying causes of hair loss in women must be identified before this problem can be treated. There are a few different types of hair loss that will help you to define the treatment needed.

One type is called alopecia and is a problem for many people. There is also telogen effluvium which is more common than you think.

The loss of hair from this disease not only occurs on the head, but other parts of the body as well. Causes of hair loss in women from this affliction are a problem with the production of hormones is called androgenic alopecia.

This is believed to be due to a person’s genetic make-up. Typically occurring in women in their 40s, there are two enzymes, aromatase and reductase that are the culprits here.

Thinning hair on the crown of the head and the sides are common in androgenic alopecia. This can take a very serious emotional toll on women.

Alopecia areata is another problem for women. This causes the hair to come out in small patches that are typically circular.

This must be treated as soon as possible to prevent excessive loss of hair. This is believed to be due to the white blood cells attacking hair follicles and causing hair loss.

The loss of hair for women and men alike will cause many emotional problems. There are many products on the market that say they help with this problem.

The key to coping with the causes of loss of hair in women is knowing why they are occurring. The feelings accompanying this problem are often depression, feeling less than feminine and hopelessness.

There is no need to feel this way if you understand the cause of your losing hair. Knowledge is power and this can help you to find the best way of treating this problem.

When the hair ceases to grow, falls out or thins, the reasons for this loss of hair will determine the right treatment. Instead of allowing the loss of hair to depress you, tie a scarf around your head and get busy.

Finding the exact causes of hair loss in women can be what keeps you from the feelings of hopelessness and despair. Make knowledge your friend and you will be on the road to recovery in no time.




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