Biofuels in the News – Clean Diesel Car is the Greenest of All

Last year, a clean diesel topped the ranks according to the Green Car Journal. This year, the same honor was bestowed on another clean diesel car – the Audi A3 TDI. Biofuels are a trend that will not fade any time soon and with fuel efficient alternatives like the Mercury Milan Hybrid, Toyota Prius and Honda Insight Hybrid gracing the roadways while saving the ozone layer, there is little reason to desire otherwise.

The 2010 winner of the cleanest fuel based car boasts of an impressive 42 miles to the gallon. The Audi A3 is also offered in a gasoline alternative, but that version offers 50% fewer miles per gallon. Last year, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI won the award, but the Audi squeezed by this year maybe more on luxury than quality.

The car comes standard with 17 inch alloy wheels, LED day running lights, upgraded xenon headlights and an exterior sports package. A leather interior, SIRIUS radio system and ten speaker concert style sound make the car an even sweeter alternative to gasoline. While these may seem like minimal upgrades in terms of car luxury, they are not common on cars running biofuels. The Volkswagen Golf TDI tried to reclaim the title for VW just one more time, but Audi proved too much competition.

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