Life Coach News – Five Tips for Dealing With a Difficult Boss

If you’re having issues with your boss, join the club. Such problems are all too common in the corporate world these days. Here are some tips to some tips to resolve the problems:

* Take a deep breath – literally: Instead of reacting right away, take a few deep breaths – and take some time — to make sure you’re speaking rationally, and not emotionally.

* Think about the good things about your boss: Before you arrange a meeting with your supervisor, think of the positive things that person brings to the workplace. You can even start the meeting by acknowledging your boss for all the great things and ways he/she supports you.

* Keep it a conversation with your boss, not a monologue: In your communication, make sure both parties get heard. Your boss may have some thoughts or feelings on the matter too, and his/her thoughts are important also. Take the time to listen, instead of just reacting.

* Be prepared to come up with a solution: Try to cooperate to create a resolution to the problem that will satisfy both of you. But know that your boss will have the final say. Know that it is your boss’s right to say yes, no or anything else. Your job is to communicate clearly, respectfully and from a place of partnership without getting attached to how it all goes.

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