Pregnancy News – Fish May Contain Mercury

During pregnancy, expectant moms take all the efforts to make a healthy lifestyle and eat a well balance diet. This effort consists of exercising, getting enough sleep and eating nutrient dense food. Among the food groups that are part of our diet, fish is an excellent source of protein which is low in fat and helps promote brain development. Yet despite of its health advantages, along the way, you might have heard that eating fish may not be completely safe during pregnancy. There is some type of fish that could contain mercury that is harmful especially when you are expecting.

Eating fish has proven to provide a lot of health benefits- from the less fat protein to the omega-3 fatty acids that helps promote better brain performance and good heart health. Yet there is a continuing controversy that because of the polluted waters that we have, fish has the tendency to store into its body heavy metals such as methylmercury, a form of mercury that is highly toxic and detrimental to fetal health. Most fishes exposed to this metal are predator fish or large fishes that prey on small fishes. King mackerel, tilefish, shark and swordfish are some of the types of fishes that should be avoided during pregnancy. If you love tuna, you should also take an extra caution.

Methylmercury is detrimental to the development of the baby in the womb. It can cause developmental problems and slower in the progress of walking and talking. Moreover this can cause memory and attention span problems. Aside from mercury exposure of the baby, this can also create problems on the mother. People who have been exposed to mercury have neurological problems such as poor concentration, low mood scores and emotional liability.

The effects of methylmercury exposure especially during pregnancy are often irreversible. Therefore, for an expectant mom to avoid the risks of mercury exposure, it is important that the physician should be inquired very well which type of fish could be consumed as even canned tuna may not be safe for consumption when a woman is pregnant.

With this information on hand, you should be able to reevaluate what type of food you include in your daily diet. keep safe especially during pregnancy and avoid eating fish that may contain mercury which is proven to create problems on fetal health.

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