Anxiety Relief – The Bad News: You’re Not Unique

With a final shrug of dismal acceptance, you begin to believe that you are simply and cursedly unique. In search of anxiety relief, you’ve tried it all with either mild or no success: cognitive behavior therapies, mixtures of relaxation/visualization techniques, meditation, hypnosis, NLP, self-help books, medication, counseling, courses, etc. And don’t forget those self-help positive affirmations (referred to in irreverent circles as “icing on a turd.”) Frustrated, perhaps you’ve concluded that what works for others just doesn’t work because you’re just … unique.

Undoubtedly, those methods provide anxiety relief for a good number of sufferers. Of course, medications that interact with brain chemistry like Xanax, Klonopin and Lexapro also provide a level of anxiety relief — and for many folks, that may be the only way to function comfortably.

Nonetheless, perhaps for you, the very heart of the matter remains unaffected and genuine anxiety relief cannot be attained. Or can it? More details please visit:-

The key to anxiety relief may be in this unconventional and simple concept: To no longer fear the thought of having a panic attack.

Think about it. Consider at this moment why you are reading this article (unless it’s regarding friends or family). Isn’t it because you’re seeking anxiety relief in the attempt to avoid the inevitable — that you’re afraid of your next anxiety and panic attack lurking just around the corner? In so doing, paradoxically, your thoughts right now in this instant are fueling the panic, readying it for trigger, by considering it in a state of apprehensive fear, either consciously or subconsciously.

So how can you possibly find anxiety relief if just thinking about avoiding it feeds the fear that fuels it?

It is possible. The insidious cycle that prevents you from attaining genuine anxiety relief can be broken. Anxiety relief is achieved when that deep fear of the next panic attacked is shifted. If the fuel that powers an episode is removed or “shifted,” the episode becomes nonexistent. Just like a fire, if the fuel (i.e., oxygen) is removed by an extinguisher, the fire stops generating itself — it becomes nonexistent.

In the arena of anxiety relief in the mid-1990s, an application of that principle is what Joe Berry discerned during his second year of suffering from debilitating panic attacks. He had read every book he could find and studied the research papers from the academics; and subsequently in the study of the cognitive behavior approaches of some of the top psychologists, he made surprising discoveries about how a panic attack fuels and generates itself. And from those discoveries, Berry developed an advanced cognitive technique that enabled him to break the cycle of his panic episodes and gain permanent anxiety relief.

Berry began teaching the technique to small test groups of other sufferers — with immediate and startling results. He has since trademarked the “One Move” technique and has taught it to thousands of people in 30 different countries, and follow-ups over the years are confirming the permanency of anxiety relief.

The “One Move” technique course generates an internal cognitive shift whereby you slowly no longer fear having a panic attack. That major breakthrough point is the pivot of the technique that initiates the anxiety relief.

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