Travel Warnings – The Silent News Cast

If you truly want to know what is happening in the world today, take a look at the US State Departments Travel Warnings. These Warnings are not to be taken lightly. Just because the warnings are not on the six o’clock news does not mean that there is nothing to be concerned about.

The US Government has an obligation to inform and warn US citizens about unsafe travel destinations. And the Team of writers (Bureau of Consular Affairs) who write the Travel Warnings take their job very seriously, (Information based upon the details and high level of information provided to US Citizens)

I can’t help to think that there is a template for information that is to be provided, even so, the information is detailed and enlightening.

The Travel warnings are very factual without emotion or personality, just cold hard facts that leave you wondering if you should ever leave the country?Perhaps this is the bad news you need to convince you to quit smoking. But why wait? Only you can make that final decision. Only you can build the will necessary to quit smoking. More details please visit:-

The thought of not leaving the country last only for a moment. The thought of us, US Citizens, not being able to travel anywhere in the Free world is a joke. (Most of us are not old enough to remember WW II.) We are spoiled and feel that as long as we have a passport, a credit card and a desire to go, then there can be no other factors. This line of thinking may be OK for now, and maybe for dozens of years to come, however, it is time to become VERY AWARE of our surroundings while traveling outside of the US.

(This next paragraph is for the young jet-set)

As a word of caution, it may be time to retire from the International night clubs a little earlier and much more sober. It may be time to be discrete before sharing your hotel room number and location with complete strangers or going for a ride with a stranger that you meet at the party or having a party within a party at a different location from the original party! (If you understand what I just wrote, then I am talking to you)

Heads up people, we must become more aware when traveling outside of the US. I cannot say this enough. This includes cruise ships, all inclusive resorts, International jet-set hot spots, and private islands, spring breaks, senior travel and sex party travel.

One thing is for sure, the US State Department is not telling everything!

‘Stuff is Happening’ and its not always on the News. Be safe, be aware, say a pray and if you don’t pray, meditate. Read the Travel Warnings and know that there are millions and millions of people just like you, who will travel no matter what is happening in the world.

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