News on the Latest Microsoft Phone

When you are thinking about purchasing cell phones and PDAs, you might have heard some news on the latest Microsoft phone, which is known as the Windows Phone 7. According to Microsoft, the Windows Phone 7 is said to require 20% fewer steps to perform tasks, than any other mobile operating systems, (including the Apple phones, such as the iPhone, iPhone3G and iPhone4). Those claims are based on their own research, but because there are step-saving features, including a dedicated button for Bing search, the use of hubs and tiles, besides native integration for Facebook and Windows Live, there is no need for separate applications.

You can expect to hear more news on the latest Microsoft phone, with the upcoming holidays, as you are going to see “the biggest TV marketing campaign in the history of the mobile business”. This is coming directly from Microsoft themselves, but they aren’t likely to mention the 20% claim in television ads, according to industry experts. Microsoft is planning to spend a billion dollars, marketing Window Phone 7 and Kinect. More details please visit:-

Other news on the latest Microsoft phone would indicate that there could be a connection with ATT cell phones because there are news reports that some ATT workers have received Windows Phone 7 devices. This leads you to wonder what steps you might expect from Verizon phones, Sprint phones and T-mobile phones. Most people are wondering what the news on the latest Microsoft phone will do to the folks over at iPhone headquarters. They were so quick to launch the iPhone3G and iPhone4, but it is said that Windows Phone Marketplace will have 2000 “apps”, at the launch of Windows Phone7.

There are many people that are curious to see the actual results. You just have to read stories about how the iPhone4 screens break 82% more than the iPhone3G screens to wonder about the direction that progress is taking, when it comes to mobile phones and PDAs. All of the makers of cell phones and PDAs are constantly striving to improve their products and even the Google Nexus Two announcement is expected at a Samsung event shortly. If the news on the latest Microsoft phone is true and you can really use the operating system with 20% fewer steps, their Windows Phone 7 description of “designed to get you in and out and back to life”, could become the new standard, whether you are using an iPhone, Samsung, Nokia or Blackberry.

It will be interesting to see what new cell phones and PDAs are planned for promotions by the major carriers. With the holiday marketing campaign news on the latest Microsoft phone, you can expect some kind of offers coming from competitors, whether Verizon cell phones, ATT cell phones or Sprint cell phones and T-mobile cell phones. At some point, you would hope that prices on data plans, cell phones and PDAs or plans for mobile devices will become more affordable, as competition heats up and technology becomes more advanced. It remains to be seen what the news on the latest Microsoft phone brings to the arena, however.

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