Do You Want Rent-To-Own With That Rental Home? Can You Afford To Miss Out?

Oh, the joy of the successful up-sell! Ask a simple question many times to many customers and make a ton more money! This is what all corporations pine for:

  1. McDonald’s: “Do you want fries with that?”
  2. Amazon: “7 more dollars and get FREE shipping!”
  3. Domino’s: “Order 2 pizzas at regular price and get free cheesy bread!”

Mix in a little doubt from a good salesperson and if gets even better!

  1. Meineke: “Sure, you could wait to replace your brake pads for another few months, BUT IS YOUR FAMILY’S WELL-BEING WORTH TAKING THAT CHANCE?”
  2. Bank of America: “Sure the market has been awful. But with your money sitting on the sidelines, COULD YOU STOMACH MISSING OUT ON THE BIGGEST STOCK MARKET JUMP IN HISTORY?”
  3. John’s Learning Center: “Yes, your child is doing well in school and is up to his grade’s reading level now. BUT WITH GLOBAL COMPETITION FROM INDIAN AND CHINESE CHILDREN, SHOULDN’T YOU BE ADDING TUTORING HOURS FOR LITTLE JIMMY INSTEAD OF SCALING BACK?”

The same tactics can be utilized in the rental home space.

You can up-sell your renter with: “is this a house you might want to buy in the future? Do you want to lock into a rent-to-own arrangement and start building equity now?”

And then add a little doubt with: “yes, more sites visit:- it will be tough getting a loan in the next year or two, but what about after that? Do you want to miss out on building up a down payment and closing costs now versus throwing your money away just renting for the next two years?”

“Up-selling” and “creating doubt” are not dirty sales terms; they are the backbone of successfully providing customers with the options they need to fulfill their personal goals. Ever been happy about being up-sold (like when the waiter in Paris told you to try their delicious signature dessert)? Or happy about someone planting a seed of doubt (“you may want to re-think buying that computer. It graded really poorly in “consumer reports.”)?

Let’s look at the facts:

Many people want to rent, but even more people want to own! The banks just aren’t cooperating for most people currently.

And most property owners in this economic environment, who are renting out their homes, are open to selling them; at least that is what the feedback i’ve been getting from clients. I mean who couldn’t use a little more liquidity these days?

Up-selling and casting doubt on the customer’s current situation creates value, rather than detracts from it. And when more value is created, more revenue can be earned!

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