The Good News For Contractors About This Recession

There is actually good news for contractors who choose to do business during this recession rather than huddle in a corner and hope that it goes away. Much of your competition is just standing around wondering what happened to their business. I know they are laying off people because I get a lot of phone calls from guys wanting a job. These are experienced guys who know something about remodeling. This is one of the good things about this recession. If you need help, people looking for work now are sometimes good people. You see during good economic times, about the only people looking for work are the people you don’t want to hire. Now, good people are being laid off and you can find some good people if you need to hire someone or replace someone who isn’t so good.

Another good thing about this recession is that it gives you a great chance to expand your customer base. One thing that I’ve noticed is that customers are doing smaller jobs than they used to. I would recommend that you do these smaller job for two reasons. First of all, you can still make money doing these little jobs and if you are willing to work a little harder, you can build a very thriving business doing these. The other very good reason for taking these smaller jobs is that instead of just getting a job, you are gaining a customer. Sooner or later, these people or someone they know, will need a larger job done and they will call someone that they have a relationship with and trust. More details please

Many times recently, I’ve had calls to look at small jobs and they tell me that all of the other contractors that they called told them that their job was too small for them to mess with. I can just about guarantee that when they need something larger done, they will not be calling those contractors back. (These are probably the same contractors that are just hoping that this recession will end soon.) Now, I’m like many other contractors, I would prefer to do larger jobs and not mess with little jobs. However, I realize that to build a great business, you have to develop a good customer base and that is what I am doing. So during this recession, we need to take this opportunity to build our customer base and take market share away from our competition.

So don’t look at this recession as a bad thing, it gives you the opportunity to do three things for your business. It gives you the opportunity to improve your crew. It gives you the opportunity to improve your marketing skills and to sharpen your business skills. And most of all, it gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base. You see when things get better, it won’t be like it was. We will have to be better at what we do and provide greater value for the customer. The other good news is that the herd will be thinner and we will have less competition because many contractors won’t make it. Those of us who do will need to learn more and become associated with other successful contractors to survive and thrive.

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