Bizarre News Stories That Are Hard to Believe

Bizarre news stories are fascinating to read but sometimes hard to believe. It is difficult to understand how some people get into the situations found on bizarre news sites, but they are extremely entertaining and make people feel better about themselves.

In California, a stolen car landed on the roof of a local home. The car was going too fast and hit a tree stump, causing the car to launch in the air and land on the roof. People were in the home when the car landed, but no one was injured too bad. The car had to be removed with a crane from a professional towing company. The driver fled the scene, but was arrested at his girlfriend’s home later that night.

Also in California, drivers on the road experienced a literal fork in the road. A 62 year old retired teacher erected a six foot tall fork in the intersection of two streets. His inspiration came from the latest Muppet movie where the Muppets found a giant silverware fork when they were looking for a fork in the road.

While residents enjoyed the art, a city crew removed it the next day. In protest, another resident put up a sign that read why the fork not, but the city removed that as well. Residents then began to vandalize signs by taping real forks, to which a city spokesperson had to clarify that the six foot fork sculpture was a code violation. More details please visit:-

The Scottish village of Glenelg is located on the west coast of Scotland. It is common for cities throughout the world to have a link to another city far away. Glenelg decided they wanted to do this, but its twin city is far out. The spot where the Mars Curiosity rover is headed to will be named Glenelg, Mars. There was an official twinning ceremony which was very successful.

A woman in England found a five inch long tortoise in her garden. She thought the tortoise was cute, so she tried to feed it by bringing it inside. The tortoise would not buy lettuce, so the woman called a wildlife rescue center for help.

A professional came to the woman’s house and lifted the turtle only to find the words Made in China painted on the tortoise. The tortoise was covered in moss, showing that the fake animal had been resting in the garden for a long time.

A German civil servant retired at the age of 65 when his position was eliminated. He wrote an email to his colleagues in the city, bragging that he had done no actual work in 14 years. However, he collected 980 thousand US dollars as a salary for those 14 years. He stated that the city had hired another surveyor to do his job, but forgot to cancel his paychecks.

A Taliban commander saw his face on a wanted poster for a reward of $100. He took one of the flyers to a police checkpoint in Afghanistan in order to retrieve the reward for turning himself in. He was arrested, and when US troops confirmed he was the wanted man, he enthusiastically asked for his reward. A US official said that he was the Taliban equivalent of the burglars from the Home Alone movie.

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