Turn News Into eBay Profits

If you are quick enough, sometimes news items can turn into healthy profits for you on eBay. People collect just about everything, and during election years, political junkies and historical enthusiasts are ready to dish out cold hard cash for what they perceive will be a collectible or a historically worthy item down the road.

A great example of a news story becoming worth more than the initial investment is the 1948 Presidential Election gaffe. Some of you may not be old enough to remember the 1948 blunder by the Chicago Daily Tribune, but it was an election year and President Truman was in the political battle of his life against Republican opponent Thomas Dewey. For several reasons, the national press, Republican Party, and even many Democrats did not expect Truman to be re-elected.

Since the election was supposedly a landslide for Dewey, in the early hours of November 3, 1948 the Chicago Daily Tribune prepared its presses for what almost everyone expected to be the outcome of the day’s election and went to press with the headline: “Dewey Defeats Truman”.

When later in the morning it became clear that Truman had in fact won the election, the Chicago Daily Tribune did everything possible to retrieve all delivered copies, but with limited success. As a result, today a copy of this infamous edition goes for around $600. One eBay seller attempted an ambitious auction for $1,750 but received no bids. However, with each passing year, a good copy of this news article fetches higher and higher prices. The 5 cents originally invested in buying the newspaper has a return of (at least) 12,000%!But before you make any decision, it is very important that you make it clear to yourself the purpose of your buying a printer. Spend some time to find out what is new in the market. Which printer is the topmost and which suits your purpose best. Earlier the scenario was different. Within the two kinds of printers the inkjet was much cheaper than the LaserJet and therefore was preferred by the customer. More details please visit:-http://Mvdemocrat.com http://Trendscorridor.com http://casinoslotstech.com http://proentpreneurs.com https://mrgreentechblog.com/ http://techbulleting.com

The most recent case of news making money is the July 6, 2004 cover of the NY Post stating that Democratic Presidential Candidate, John Kerry, had picked Dick Gephardt as his running mate (instead of Senator John Edwards). Within minutes of the paper hitting the streets, quick and clever eBay sellers had copies of this journalistic error up for auction.

Amazingly, copies of the 25-cent paper were selling easily for as low as $6.00 with a few early “Buy It Now” options going for over $50.00. One early auction topped out at $76.00 after 22 bids!

Even a few years after this now famous faux pas, this issue of the NY Post is selling for several dollars on eBay. Not bad considering it is still a contemporary article and had a 25-cent initial investment. As time goes on the article will continue to sky rocket in price, especially if special circumstances or events happen to Kerry or Gephardt in the future.

When scouring your newspapers, keep in mind that articles about major events (such as the aforementioned Presidential Elections), untimely deaths, historical articles (articles about wars usually appreciate in value as time goes on, for example) severe celebrity mishaps, or major life changing discoveries (theoretical examples include articles about life on another planet, cure for cancer, etc) make great fodder for potential cash.

If you decide to store articles, keep them in a dry, covered place away from direct sunlight (it fades the paper). Try not to rip, tear, shred, or fold the article in any way – when it comes time to sell, the more pristine and untouched the article, the greater price you can command!

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