Facebook Algorithm Debate – How to Get Onto Your Fans’ News Feed

Did you know there is a Facebook algorithm to determine what goes onto to your news feed and the feeds of your fans?

Of course this algorithm is extremely secret, but there are some very common theories on how you can improve your Facebook marketing campaign to ensure your posts get onto your fans news feed and cast your business into a positive light.

Here are a few tips:

Don’t over share.

You might assume that the more content you produce and share on your Page, the more posts will be seen in the News Feeds of your fans. This is wrong.

This tactic can backfire especially if you have a low “Page Like count”. Posting too often also causes your fans to un-Like a Page. The key is to post quality content that has the potential to go viral or receive high user feedback. Having lots of posts with low user feedback will reduce your Page’s chances of getting into the News Feeds of your fans.

As a simple rule of thumb I like to limit a Page’s daily content to one or 2 posts that I think will receive high rates of engagement. For example people will like it, comment on it, share it, or view it. Facebook can determine if your content is getting any engagement and this is believed to be a big part of the Facebook algorithm. More details please visit:-http://blogmusketeer.com http://kamperzone.com https://www.teffania.com/ http://Bestrongbehealthy.com

Vary Your Media content

Often it’s not what you’re saying, but the media content you add that sparks engagement.

If your posts include photos, videos, and polls you will get more engagement. Another strategy is posting hot topics or controversial topics with a poll, this works to spark a lot of comments.

There is also theory that a comment carries more value in the Facebook Algorithm than a like. Therefore more comments will get you more exposure on people’s news feeds. If you are posting a controversial topic or a simple poll in most cases it is better to remain neutral and let your users & fans vote and comment amongst themselves.

Viral Photos Videos or Content

This is a no brainer. If you are able to create a viral video or image it can spread like wildfire and can work to gather you even more fans to your page. This also triggers Facebook into thinking you have something really hot.

Always Provide Positive Good Messaging

This one is a bit off topic… but very important.

Many businesses sometimes underestimate the value of good public communication and how important it is in building your reputation and business especially on Facebook news feeds. Most importantly it is important to remember how vast the internet really is, and how it can make or break your reputation.

The internet is unforgiving!

If you make a post that casts your business into a negative light, or even send an email to a customer in an unprofessional or negative tone this can come back to haunt you and might go as far as ruining the trust or good reputation among your fans that you have worked hard to build.

Always remember that once you or your business publishes something live online, whether it be an email to someone else, image, video or Facebook post, or even a forum or blog post, this is going to be associated to your business FOREVER.

Everything has the potential to go viral even a negative post or email.

Post Images and Comments That Are Likeable

This sounds easy but it is not. It takes a lot of testing. One strategy is to go to a major business in your niche and look at their page. See what people are liking the most. Then think about creating a post similar but offering even more value or something that can spark even more user engagement on your page.

Present Your Business in an Interesting Way

People will be more apt to check out your business if you provide useful content and interesting tools for them. For example, create a case study, or instructional video, or interesting new way to do something, and incorporate what you have to offer into it.

The Facebook algorithm can be fishy at times and it is constantly changing.

What might work today could be completely wrong tomorrow. The tips above seem like they will stand the test of time since they are what Facebook is all about. Facebook will reward you if you provide good content that engages their users.

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