Make More Money Self-Publishing Special Reports


You CAN succeed in your own information empire. Self-publishing
valuable, how-to information is in great demand by people
today. In today`s busy society, people are pressed for time.
They need concise, simplified, practical information. They will
pay dearly for it if it will improve the quality of their lives.

Even if you have never written for money before, you can do so
if you apply the information in this report. Lack of formal
education should not deter you. Large sums of cash are not
required. What is required is the application of the
information in this report.

You must have more than good intentions, though. Your strong
desire to succeed, not only in making money, but in making a
difference in other peoples` lives, will motivate you. Then,
following through, you will execute your planned tasks to reach
your goal.


Information can be sold on the basis of its value. For example,
if you could receive a thousand dollar tax-free grant, would you
pay ten dollars for that information? Most persons would.
They`d be $990.00 ahead. Yet, that information might fit on one
printed page. So, the cost of producing the information has
almost no relationship to the value of the information. Thus,
the potential for high markups and profits exist in this business.

Information products (unlike other hard goods like cars,
refrigerators, et cetera) are relatively light and so incur
lower shipping costs. In fact, the post office gives
preferential treatment for shipping books.

You could sell other peoples` products, but then you would not
have control over your business. At any time, your suppliers
could change their commission structure, let your competitors
sell the product, or even discontinue your relationship. If you
own your own proprietary product, your own copyrighted
information product, no one can legally sell it without your
permission. You control its production, promotion, and
distribution. More details please


A Special Report (sometimes called a folio) is a written
document of from one to several pages on a specialized subject
of interest to certain readers. It should be concise and
practical information of value to a particular audience. It
might be professionally bound with a cover and personalized for
the reader or it might just be a few pages stapled together or
it may even take the form of a computer file or electronic
book. This publication is an example of a Special Report.

Books and booklets must be produced in certain minimum
quantities. This is fine, when you`re well-established
financially. However, Special Reports can be produced on
demand, one copy at a time, if necessary. This means that if you
receive one order, you can publish it from your home computer by
simply printing a copy of your file.

Even if you have no computer, you could type one copy of your
report and have it photocopied as required. This results in
virtually no money being tied up in inventory. You spend money
only when you receive orders.

Books are lengthier and require more time and effort to
produce. Therefore, it will take you longer to make money from
your efforts. A Special Report, being only a few pages long on
the average, is a product you can develop and produce quickly
and economically.

Many customers will appreciate the concise treatment of a
particular subject in a Special Report. They could pay forty
dollars for a complete book on home-based businesses, but maybe
they just want information on self-publishing.

Perhaps they have already bought books on How To Publish Your
Own Book, but the area of Special Reports wasn`t really
covered. For a few dollars (and often for considerably less
expense than a book), they can get the essential information
they need to accomplish their goal.

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