Is Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation Surgery Possible?

There are few things more frustrating in the world than realizing that you’ve made the wrong decision about something. For women who have had a tubal ligation surgery in order to prevent future pregnancies, this feeling of frustration and anxiety can be overwhelming. While most women who have their tubes tied go on with their lives happy with the decision that they’ve made, there are also other women who decide that this is a regret they don’t know how to overcome. Thankfully, pregnancy after tubal ligation is possible with the right kind of treatment.

If a woman decides that she wants to get pregnant after having her tubes tied, she is likely to go and speak with her doctor about the situation. Unfortunately, many doctors are uninformed about the options available to a woman who wants to have children after tubal ligation. They will often tell the woman that the only option is in vitro fertilization, otherwise known as IVF. This procedure is very expensive and actually has quite a low success rate of only 35% per cycle. It costs between $10,000 and $12,000 for each cycle attempted, so it is quite exorbitant to most people. More details please

Since many couples do not get pregnant on the first try, they are often required to try multiple times thus causing a lot of heart ache and money. Thankfully, there is a much better option called tubal ligation reversal.

This surgery is done by only a few doctors throughout the United States, so it is important to find a specialist who knows what they are doing. The doctor will look over the health records of the woman to see what kind of tubal ligation she had as well as assessing her current fertility status and the remaining lengths of her tubes.

With all of this factored into consideration, pregnancy after tubal ligation is certainly possible as long as the woman is working with a qualified doctor who is experienced in performing the surgery a regular basis. The procedure is also a lot less expensive than IVF. In addition, it is a permanent solution to the problem and does not require a woman to have further treatment.

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