Build Your Email List With A Free Gift

The best way to get somebody to join your email subscriber list, which you can then use to send them updates and promotions, is to offer them a free gift. Many times, someone comes to your web page and they are not yet ready to buy and on top of that, they are about to leave your site. On the internet, many people have low attention spans, sometimes of even a few seconds.

That’s why the best thing you could do for cold traffic, which means visitors who don’t know about you, is to offer a free gift in exchange Save gmail to PDF for signing up to your list. Someone is registering to get this free gift but in order to get it they have to type in their name and their email address. After they sign up, they get this free gift but you can then send them emails.

A free gift is something that you get for signing up. You can offer them something like three of your own articles or blog posts rolled into one PDF file or even a 10-minute video. Don’t overthink this. You are going to be solving someone’s very basic solution. Maybe people want to know what the best WordPress plugins are.

Or they want to know what simple way to lose 1 lb. of fat every month. You’re going to present what your solution is to their problem and give them the most basic solution possible.

Even if you don’t have a PDF article to give to people, can you dictate out a quick audio? Record a quick PowerPoint video? Maybe you already have a paid product, and you can take a piece of that out, and offer just one component of your training course for free to get people interested.

Afterwards, feel free to give them extra tips or send them to a sales letter or your blog, but you’re only giving them the equivalent of about one blog post or one or two articles in exchange for signing up. Just take a few of your articles, dump them into Microsoft Word, save as a PDF file, put it on your download page, and that’s your free gift.

Or use a desktop recording program such as Jing Project and record a video lasting a few minutes, paste it on the download page, and now you have something to offer people in exchange for signing up.

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