Healthy Ways to Keep Perky and Awake All Day Long

There are many healthy ways to keep perky and awake all day long.

However, few people use the correct methods to accomplish these goals.

To begin using these tips may take a bit of lifestyle modification and effort on your part but once you see the results you will find yourself wondering why you ever did things differently.

A Healthy Beginning To Your Day

A great beginning to your day actually begins the previous day.

Think about that for a moment.

If you consumed caffeine or other stimulants you probably did not get a fitful night sleep even though you may have never woken throughout the night.

How can that be?

Well, if your adrenal glands were pumping out adrenaline all day long because of the caffeine you consumed it may not allow your brain to easily go through all the stages of sleep it should.

Were you restless all night long?

Did you toss and turn all night long?

Did you dream violent dreams that kept you on edge even while you slept?

These are real situations that must be taken into consideration when you are evaluating if you actually got a fitful night sleep.

If you did not get a good night sleep your day is in jeopardy from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

Consuming large quantities of refined carbohydrates may lead to excessive snoring or even sleep apnea, which will also affect the quality of your sleep. A healthy diet may be necessary to assure a better night sleep.

Get To Bed Early

It is amazing how many people jeopardize a healthy night of sleep by staying up too late.

Youngsters need up 12 hours of sleep a night and teens demand 10. Adults over age 21 need a minimum of 8 hours of fitful sleep every night.

Is this much more than you are used to getting?

If so, then you are working on a sleep deficit and your days are beginning with you tired. It is almost impossible to remain alert if you begin your day short of being fully rested.

Bed Is For Sleeping

This brings up the topic of whether it is smart to eat, read, or watch television in bed.

It is not.

Your mind is environment dependent.

If your mind is used to working while reading, talking on the telephone, or even doing office paperwork in bed then it wants to stay active after you turn off the lights.

You want your mind to be conditioned to sleep deeply when you are in bed so reserve all other activities for other areas of the house.

Bedtime Ritual

It is also a good idea to form a ritual at bedtime.only keeps your heart healthy but it also ensures the unobstructed blood circulation to the different organs of the body. More details please visit:-

For example, make sure all the doors are locked, put the dog out one last time, check on your kids, then hit the bathroom on your way to bed. Whatever your ritual is do it every night.

Such a bedtime ritual tells your brain it is time to go to sleep. It may sound silly but such a ritual will soon become a habit you will not ignore if you want a good nights sleep.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Begin your day with a large glass or two of pure, clean water.

Your body became slightly dehydrated because your breath contains moisture that is lost when you exhale throughout the night. This moisture must be replaced as soon as possible if you are to have a normally functioning body that allows you to stay alert throughout your busy day.

It is vital that you consume pure water and not the stuff containing loads of chemicals coming from the municipal water supply. Bottled or filtered water is a must otherwise you pollute your body with toxins it must work feverishly to expel.

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